Wise offers transparent and fair pricing for various services. Here are the key details:

  1. Sending Money:
    • The fee for sending money varies by currency and starts from 0.43% of the amount sent.
    • No hidden subscriptions or monthly fees.
  2. Spending with Your Wise Debit Card:
    • You can withdraw up to 350 NZD/AUD per month per account for free.
    • For ATM withdrawals over 350 NZD/AUD per month, there’s a fee of 1.50 NZD/AUD per withdrawal.
    • When spending abroad, there’s a 1.75% fee on the amount withdrawn.
  3. Account Funding Transactions:
    • This applies to topping up e-wallets and other accounts in certain currencies (details available in the FAQ).
    • The fee is 2%.
  4. Getting the Wise Debit Card:
    • There are no subscription fees.
    • The cost for obtaining the Wise debit card is 14 NZD.
  5. Currency Conversion:
    • The fee for converting money varies by currency and starts from 0.43%.
    • Wise uses the mid-market exchange rate for currency exchanges.
  6. Holding Money in Your Account:
    • You can hold 40+ currencies in your Wise account for free.
  7. Receiving Money:
    • You can receive account details in 9 currencies (AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, HUF, NZD, SGD, TRY, and USD) for free.
    • Receiving non-wire payments in these currencies is also free.
    • For receiving USD wire payments, there’s a fixed fee of 4.14 USD.
    • For receiving CAD SWIFT payments, there’s a fixed fee of 10 CAD.

Wise’s Principles:

  • Low, and Getting Lower: Wise aims to reduce prices until they eventually become free.
  • Radically Transparent: They use the mid-market rate and never hide fees.
  • Fair for All: You pay only for what you use, without subsidizing someone else’s “free.”


The information on this page was correct as at 13 March 2024  –  For more detailed information, you can visit the Wise Pricing page1. Wise provides a convenient and cost-effective way to manage your money globally! 🌏💸


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